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    The Movies
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    I feel like just buying all the badges kinda cuts out the reward of working for them. I mean just because I have the marsh badge will my level 65 Charizard obey me? Or is it a respect thing. Shouldn’t you have to earn your badges? Or is this a money = power metaphor? Am I thinking too much about this? Yes. Let’s be honest you totally earned these badges anyway.

    Gen I Indigo, Gen II Johto, Gen III Hoenn, Gen IV Sinnoh, Gen V Unova & add-ons

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    Kanto Gym Logos by Cassandra Downs

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    Pokemon cats duo one! Meowth and Skitty!

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by zheN

    by zheN

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    Bulbasaur Hoodie with Bulbasaur Backpack.

    by Shori Ameshiko.

    Check out the artist’s Tumblr.

    "I’ve gotten lots of requests to try out more Pokemon hoodies, so I gave Bulbasaur a go. I found it particularly fun because I was trying to think of all the ways I could convert the bulb into a backpack. I settled on having the backpack zip open via peeling back one section of the bulb using a set of two zippers. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I played the original Pokémon, I always chose Bulbasaur."

    Via: dotcore

    OH MAN I own this Bulbasaur hoodie!  I selected it from a whole range of designs at Metrocon last month and the quality is fantastic.  :3

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art by やまきゆう

    art by やまきゆう

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